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The Consumer Justice Foundation – Protecting the rights of American Consumers

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Empowering the People, Not Insurance Companies and Large Corporations

The Consumer Justice Foundation is a for profit organization that is dedicated to providing educational resources and an effective voice for consumers that were injured, wronged or feel big business is pushing them around. Our goal is to shed light on special interest groups, big businesses and politicians who unfairly control how average citizens lead their everyday lives. The Consumer Justice Foundation is not a law firm and it is not run by lawyers or attorneys nor is it a website funded by a large corporation. We are everyday people just like you.

We are creating this vast public resource of topics to both educate consumers and to confront the big corporations about their policies. Education is important and it is our belief that insurance companies, drug manufacturers and automobile manufacturers often calculate certain aspects of their business based on the public being uneducated about existing rules, regulations, and standards.¬†Unfortunately, important life-changing events, such as defective tire blowouts and dangerous side effects, which often result from negligent business practices like insufficient product testing, can significantly affect consumers. People have the right to an accurate informational resource when they are involved in car accidents, become victims of a doctor’s mistake, or experience life changing side effects of an FDA approved drug. If they are not educated on their rights, they could be taken advantage of by big business and our goal is stop this tragedy from occurring.

About Our People

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Faith Anderson

I have always been an advocate. Every since I was a child I stood up for the kid on the block getting bullied by the tougher kids in the neighborhood. I sold lemonade from the lemon trees in my yard to help my soccer team and now as an adult, I spend my time learning how I can help people live in a safer country with all the freedoms we are entitled to as Americans. I like to expose large companies that are walking all over defenseless citizens, call out dead beat insurance adjusters not returning phone calls and report on which drugs may cause irreparable harm. I’m your advocate and proud of it.

My personal life and my profesional life don’t have much separation. I live to be a consumer advocate and all of my free time is spent enriching my life and the lives of others. I’m also a networker. I love meeting new people that have similar interests as me. Please send me a friend request on FaceBook or start following me on Twitter!

Email: [email protected]

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Andrew Sarski

I was born in Brattleboro Vermont in the early 1970’s and was raised around people that provided for themselves. They worked the land, they built their own barns and they fixed their own cars. My childhood was greatly influenced by local college professors my family spent time with and hard working blue collar farmers whom were apart of our family circle. This combination provided me with a great stepping stone for life. Work hard and feed your brain.

I moved to New York City to get more exposure for my new career as a journalist where I started to follow politics and learn how a bureaucratic system really works. Between politicians never answering a direct question and large manufacturers of products and pharmaceuticals taking advantage of this slow system, it became obvious to me that some one needed to expose how horrible some of these atrocities are and to report the real news to people that think Network Television is unbiased.

If you like my writing style or have something you would like to report to me as a newsworthy topic worth investigating, get in touch with me and let me know!

Email: [email protected]


Office Location:
1000 N West Street
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Wilmington, DELAWARE 19801

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