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Accidents, Wrecks and Insurance Claims

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Millions of people are injured and thousands are killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year. Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, whether minor or severe, can cause serious injury and even death of innocent victims. These injuries will require medical attention, which may include multiple surgical procedures and sometimes long-term medical care. One of the first steps most people take following an accident is to contact their insurance company in order to file an accident claim. accident-injury-275Many people, especially victims with severe injuries, depend upon that insurance claim in order to receive compensation for their injuries, as well as reimbursement for emotional pain and any loss of income they may have incurred. Unfortunately, many victims of motor vehicle injuries face unforeseen difficulties when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance claims adjusters are often trained to pay out the lowest amount in damages as possible, if at all. This often means that a victim’s claim is rejected or the victim is offered a settlement well below what he is entitled to. This is a common, if deceptive, practice that many accident victims are unaware of.


It is imperative to seek medical attention following an accident. Injuries sustained during motor vehicle accidents, even at speeds as low as five miles per hour, can cause major issues for a victim, now and in the future. While some of these injuries, like lacerations and facial injuries, may be easily recognizable and therefore treated immediately, other injuries like concussion, whiplash and head, neck and back injuries may be overlooked at first glance. Unfortunately, these are the injuries that are most likely to cause severe complications for a victim. Without the proper medical care, serious injuries can develop into life-altering conditions, affecting a victim’s ability to live a healthy life. Victims of severe accidents may be unable to return to work, participate in everyday activities, or even walk without unbearable pain.

Motorcycle Accident Liability and Lawsuits

The frequency of motorcycle accidents has increased by a significant amount in recent years, resulting in the death or severe injury of thousands of motorcycle riders each year. Motorcyclists are exposed to unique dangers on the road, due to the lack of protective barriers between them and the road or other cars, as well as the difficulty of passenger car drivers to see motorcycles on the road. Unfortunately, like motor vehicle accidents, a large number of motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of another driver. In the majority of motorcycle accidents, the driver who causes the accident is inexperienced or irresponsible, speeding, not paying attention to the road while he talks on the phone, or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Regardless of the circumstances, victims of motorcycle accidents at the hand of a negligent driver are not at fault and are not responsible for the costs they may incur for medical treatment or other expenses necessary for their recovery. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure responsibility falls on the part of the negligent driver.

Motorcycle Accident Expenses and Damages

Statistics show that motorcycle riders are twenty-six times more likely to die and five times more likely to be injured in a motor vehicle accident, compared to passenger car drivers. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and the Insurance Information Institute, over 4,000 motorcyclists are killed and another 88,000 are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year. Some of the most severe injuries sustained by motorcyclists include broken bones, concussion, whiplash, and head, neck and back injuries. Head, neck and back injuries are typically the most serious types of injuries for motorcyclists as they have the most potential to cause severe, long-term complications in the future, including brain damage and permanent disability. Other injuries include spinal cord injuries, fractures, contusions, sprains and strains, open wounds and superficial injuries. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible following a motorcycle accident. Some injuries may not be recognized by the victim immediately, and without medical records, it may be difficult or impossible for a motorcycle accident lawyer to connect the injury to the motorcycle accident in the future.

Major injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can leave a victim temporarily or permanently incapacitated, preventing him from returning to work and participating in normal, healthy activities, which can result in severe emotional injury. Loss of income can cause overwhelming financial problems for a victim and his family, especially if his insurance company rejects his claim and he does not have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to represent his case. The cost of treating injuries related to motorcycle accidents can cause serious financial burden for a victim and his family. In fact, the approximate cost of motorcycle injury rehabilitation is $16.3 million per year, averaging out to $13,200 per patient.

Insurance Coverage and Disputes for Motorcycle Accidents

Insurance companies are expected to function in the best interest of the motorcycle accident victim, especially if he is not at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Too often without the presence of a motorcycle accident lawyer, insurance claims adjusters will deny a claim or offer a settlement far below what the victim is entitled to. In other cases, insurance claims adjusters will actually drag out a claim over a long period of time, hoping that the victim will eventually give up. This means that if you have a broken back or head injury resulting from a motorcycle injury, you currently have no income because you can’t return to work, and your medical bills are through the roof, you may also be struggling to receive any kind of reimbursement from your insurance company. The best way to protect yourself against unjust insurance company practices is to hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to represent your case.

Motorcycle Accident Legal Help

If you have suffered serious injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, you should not be held accountable for your medical expenses. Motorcycle accident victims deserve the time and peace necessary to recover from their injuries; they should not have to worry about fighting for their right to reimbursement for damages as well. If you are struggling with injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident, you should consider how a lawsuit can help you collect the compensation you are entitled to. Filing a lawsuit for death or serious injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident can be extremely complicated and painstaking. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney will have all the tools and knowledge necessary for representing your case in a court of law. He will prove to be a valuable resource, working towards guiding you through filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit with the goal of receiving compensation, as well as protecting your rights against the challenges you will face as a victim. It is important for motorcycle accident victims to collect any information pertinent to their case, including medical records and insurance documents. These will prove to be invaluable during the development of your case. Motorcycle accident lawsuits bring attention to the dangers of negligent driving, making the roads safer for other motorists, motorcycle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians as well.

Trucking, Semi’s and 18 Wheeler Accidents

Truck accidents occur with alarming regularity, resulting in the injury or death of thousands of people each year. In fact, statistics show that large trucks like semi-trucks, tractor trailers and 18-wheelers account for approximately 5,000 fatalities and another 130,000 serious injuries annually. Due to the sheer size of most of these trucks, the injuries sustained by a victim of a trucking accident are typically catastrophic. Unfortunately, many truck accidents are the result of simple driver negligence: talking on the phone while driving, driving irresponsibly, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Victims of truck accidents often find themselves seriously injured, unable to return to work, and without the support of their regular income. On top of this, serious injuries typically require extensive treatment, overloading the victim with costly medical bills. In the case of a fatal truck accident, the family of a truck accident victim may face overwhelming funeral costs and loss of income, as well as the burden of any other expenses related to the victim’s care. With a denied claim or unfair settlement from the insurance company, a victim’s best option is to seek legal advice to ensure just reimbursement for his physical and emotional injuries.

Truck Accident Damages and Expenses

Some of the most severe injuries sustained by a victim of a truck accident include head, back and neck injuries, concussion, broken bones and whiplash. While broken bones can be extremely painful, often, head, back and neck injuries pose the most danger to a victim as they may not be noticeable until days or even weeks after the truck accident. At this point, irreparable damage may have already occurred. Truck accident victims who deny medical attention immediately following an accident may be at risk for a severe injury of this kind and not even know it. These injuries in particular can cause extreme pain and suffering if not treated, leading to more severe complications in the future. Unfortunately, some people may not recognize their injuries until some time has passed after the trucking accident, which can make it difficult for truck accident lawyers to establish a connection between the injury and the truck accident. Head, back and neck injuries, broken bones, whiplash and concussions can leave a victim temporarily or permanently disabled, unable to get out of bed or walk up the stairs, never mind return to work.

Victims who are unable to return to work leave themselves and their families emotionally and financially compromised. Loss of income can be overwhelming enough, but victims of serious injuries from truck accidents will also find themselves burdened by costly medical bills and a number of other expenses involved in their recovery. Most people believe that the next logical step to take after receiving medical attention is to contact their insurance company in order to file a claim. They assume the sole function of an insurance claims adjuster is to establish fault and to justly protect them against any expenses incurred by a truck accident caused by another driver. Unfortunately, more and more people find their claims rejected by their insurance company, which has either denied the claim completely or offered a settlement far below what they are entitled to. The deceptive practices employed by insurance companies are far too common, taking advantage of innocent victims every day.

Insurance Coverage and Denied Truck Accident Claims

If you are involved in a truck accident, you should consider how a trucking accident lawsuit can help you receive reimbursement for your injuries. Despite what your insurance company may say, if you are not at fault in the truck accident, you are not responsible for the medical bills and other expenses you will incur in caring for your injuries. In order to protect yourself and your family against further emotional and financial injury, one of the first steps you should take following a trucking accident is to consult an truck accident lawyer for help in filing a lawsuit. During that time, you should collect any medical or insurance documents you believe may pertain to your case so that your truck accident attorney can take these into consideration when developing your lawsuit.

Truck Accident Legal Help

As a truck accident victim, you should be given the chance to recover from your injuries, rather than devoting time to developing your case. Your truck accident lawyer will have the necessary knowledge and tools to present your case to the court in a positive manner. For example, truck accident attorneys are aware of the numerous trucking laws which may come into play in your case, and can also hire an expert to reconstruct the truck accident in order to establish fault. Victims have rights which are too often ignored; your attorney will fight for your rights against the challenges you will face as a truck accident victim. Personal injury litigation can be complicated, but truck accident attorneys are very well qualified in the practices of a court of law and will carefully guide you through the process towards a successful verdict.

Pedestrian Bicycle Accident Lawsuits

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents occur most often when a person is struck while crossing the road, by a moving vehicle, be it a car, truck or motorcycle, among a number of other types of motorized vehicles. These types of accidents typically occur in crowded areas like construction zones, crosswalks, bus stops and school zones in which a pedestrian is in the street or crossing the street and the driver is speeding or is not exercising the appropriate care in watching the road. Some pedestrian accidents occur when drivers impatiently pass buses coming to a stop, ignoring the flashing lights signaling that children are about to cross the road. In other instances, the negligent driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding the pedestrian accident, people or cyclists who are struck by a motor vehicle, even one moving at a low speed, can sustain catastrophic injuries or even death. According to the National Highway Traffic Association and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 5,000 pedestrians and bicyclists are killed and another 64,000 are seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year.

Expenses and Damages in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Regardless of the speed at which the collision occurs, a pedestrian’s head, legs and arms are the most vulnerable to damage in an automobile pedestrian accident. Some of the serious injuries sustained by pedestrians or cyclists involved in motor vehicle accidents include spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, fractured bones, coma and death. It is important for pedestrians to seek medical attention immediately following a pedestrian accident, as they may have suffered internal injuries that are not immediately recognizable by the victim himself. These catastrophic injuries can alter a victim’s entire life, potentially leaving him seriously injured, unable to return to work or his daily routine. Unfortunately, on top of a sudden lack of essential income, victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents will likely find themselves struggling with costly medical expenses as well. If the pedestrian accident is fatal, the family of the victim will be faced with funeral costs as well as any other expenses involved in the care of the victim. Without the help of a settlement, victims of these pedestrian accidents and their families may struggle with financial burdens despite the fact that the accident was not the victim’s fault.

Insurance Claims For Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

The first step most people take following a pedestrian accident of this kind is to contact an insurance company in order to file a claim. It is fair to assume that since the pedestrian accident was not your fault, you should receive compensation for your injuries as well as the medical expenses you have incurred. Unfortunately, this is where most people face unexpected difficulties. While insurance claims adjusters seem like they are operating in your best interest, they are often trained by their employers to work towards rejecting claims or offering settlements far below what you deserve in order to pay out the least possible amount of money. Sometimes insurance companies will deny a claim, stall in the hopes that you will fail to follow through with the claim, or unnecessarily drag out the process so that you finally tire of fighting and give up. This is the last thing that a victim injured by another person’s negligence should have to endure; the next logical step is to seek legal guidance.

Pedestrian Accident and Bicycle Legal Help

The only way to ensure fair reimbursement for the injuries you have sustained during a pedestrian or bicycle accident is to contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. Obtaining legal guidance is equally as important as seeking medical attention for your injuries following a pedestrian accident. Waiting too long to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer can leave victims vulnerable to expired statutes of limitation, making it impossible to file a lawsuit once a certain amount of time has passed after the actual occurrence of the pedestrian or bicycle accident. Despite what your insurance company may tell you, if you have sustained injuries from a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver, you are not at fault and you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and medical expenses.

Pedestrian Accident Representation

Filing a lawsuit for serious injuries or death resulting from a pedestrian or bicycle accident can be complicated and overwhelming. Victims should have the opportunity to concentrate solely on recovering from their injuries, leaving the legal responsibilities to the pedestrian accident attorney. Qualified auto and pedestrian accident lawyers will effectively represent you, the pedestrian  accident victim, in a court of law, guiding you through the necessary legal procedures and making sure you understand the details of your lawsuit. Pedestrian accident attorneys are well-versed on driving laws and the components of accident injury lawsuits, and will fight to protect your rights as a victim. Your pedestrian accident lawyer will have the tools and knowledge necessary to help ensure a fair settlement or reimbursement for damages, and pedestrian accident lawsuits can help assert the importance of safe driving laws and practices, making the roads safe for cars, pedestrians and bicyclists alike.

Car Accident Expenses, Damages and dealing with Insurance Companies

The severity of car accident injuries can range from minor to catastrophic, including head, neck and back injuries, facial injuries, concussion, whiplash, and broken bones. The most dangerous injuries may those that are not immediately recognizable, like head, neck and back injuries, whiplash or concussion. Often car accident victims with these types of injuries are unaware that they exist and deny medical attention. Unfortunately, it is these kinds of auto accident injuries that, untreated, leave a victim susceptible to more severe pain and long-lasting complications in the future. Victims of serious car accident injuries may find themselves unable to return to work, to perform simple tasks like crossing a room without pain, and without a vital source of income.

Unfortunately, on top of the loss of income for car accident victims who are physically unable to return to work due to their injuries, they will also face exorbitant medical bills and other expenses related to their treatment and recovery. The cost of repairs and medical bills for auto accident victims can begin to pile up without the help of a settlement, becoming an unmanageable burden. In fact, recent research indicates that the average cost of auto accidents per year has hit $127 billion, making the approximate cost to individuals involved in car accidents over $11,000 per person.

Insurance Disputes in Car Accidents

Most people assume that if they are the victim of a catastrophic injury due to the carelessness of another person in an auto accident, they will be compensated by either their car insurance company or the company insuring the other person, without question. However, those people may not be aware of the common, deceiving practices employed by many car insurance claims adjusters. While we expect auto insurance company representatives to be on our side, some people may not know that they are specifically trained to deny claims or settle auto accident claims with the lowest possible payout. Oftentimes, insurance companies will reject a car accident claim, stall payment on a claim hoping the victim will not follow through, or offer a settlement far below what the car accident victim is entitled to. This means that if you have a broken back as a result of a car accident that was not your fault, and you are struggling financially because your medical bills are piling up and you are unable to return to work, you may also be fighting against your own auto insurance company to receive fair reimbursement for your injuries, if any at all. The only way to ensure a fair settlement or collection of damages for your auto accident injuries is to seek legal guidance immediately following a car accident.

Car Accident Legal Help

Personal injury litigation can be extremely complicated, but a knowledgeable accident attorney can help make sure you understand the legalities involved in your lawsuit. Victims of car accidents should have little to concentrate on save recovering from their injuries, never mind dealing with insurance companies and possible lawsuits. The most important job car accident victims should be sure to perform is collecting any evidence and documentation pertaining to their case, including medical and insurance records. These will be an extremely helpful aid to an attorney when compiling the data for your case. The guidance of an experienced car accident attorney is a valuable resource to have, in order to help you face the potentially overwhelming task of developing a personal injury lawsuit and collecting the compensation you deserve.

Aviation & Plane Crash Lawsuits

Aviation accidents can occur under any number of circumstances, including faulty design, mechanical failure, unsafe weather conditions, maintenance errors, and pilot error, among countless other situational factors. Unfortunately, like any other type of accident, aviation accidents can result in serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. While some aviation accident victims may receive reimbursement for their injuries, others may be denied by their insurance company, leaving seriously injured victims financially, physically and emotionally compromised. Some people may not realize how easy and rewarding it can be to file a personal injury lawsuit and have an experienced aviation accident attorney help them collect the compensation they are entitled to.

Aviation Accident Injuries

Individuals who are involved in an aviation accident may suffer from a number of serious and potentially fatal injuries. Although injuries sustained depend on the severity of the accident and the individual involved, the most common injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Brain injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Concussion
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

Many of these injuries are extremely serious and demand immediate medical attention. Others may result in catastrophic consequences, leading to costly medical expenses and preventing the victim from returning to work. This loss of income compounded by long-term medical rehabilitation, potentially permanent physical or mental disability, and pain and suffering can cause severe complications for an affected individual. The only way to recover adequate compensation for these losses is to file a personal injury claim with an experienced aviation accident attorney.

Aviation Accident Injury Compensation

The first step to take following an aviation accident is to seek medical attention. Many serious injuries like concussions and brain injuries may take time to present, so even if your injuries seem minor at first, more severe complications may develop over time. If you wait too long to see a doctor, when the time comes to file a personal injury claim, it may be difficult to connect the injury to the accident.

The next course of action for many people is to contact their insurance company in order to file a claim. Most people expect that if they have sustained serious injuries as a result of an aviation accident, they will receive compensation from their insurance company. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that many insurance companies intentionally reject high personal injury claims. In fact, some insurance claims adjusters are actually trained to deny these claims or offer a settlement far below what the victim is entitled to in order to pay out the lowest possible amount in damages. Some insurance companies will even drag out a claim over a long period of time in hopes that the victim will simply give up. This deceptive practice takes unjust advantage of the vulnerability of aviation accident victims during their time of need. Individuals who have suffered potentially life-altering injuries as a result of an aviation accident will likely already be struggling with emotional and physical difficulties; those who are denied by their insurance companies will now also be facing financial difficulties as well. The only way to fight a rejected personal injury insurance claim is to hire an aviation accident lawyer to represent your case.

An Aviation Accident Attorney Can Help

Victims of aviation accidents are not at fault and may be entitled to reimbursement for their injuries. The injuries typically sustained by victims of aviation accidents are extremely serious and may result in life-altering complications for an affected individual. Victims who suffer from a brain injury, heart attack or stroke for example, may be plagued by physical and mental complications for the rest of their lives. Some victims of these types of injuries suffer from speech complications, temporary or permanent paralysis, and complete loss of independence.

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury resulting from an aviation accident, contact an aviation accident attorney to discuss the benefits of filing a personal injury lawsuit. As a victim, you should be given time to concentrate on recovering from your injuries without having to worry about collecting evidence to develop a personal injury case. The goal of personal injury lawsuits is to seek financial compensation for victims’ injuries, the expenses associated with injury treatment and care, and the pain and suffering sustained by victims and their families. In addition, if an aviation accident results in fatality, the victim’s family may benefit from filing a wrongful death lawsuit in order to recover compensation for pain and suffering, loss of future income, and other costs related to the accident, including funeral expenses. Personal injury litigation can be a complicated process, but with the help of a knowledgeable aviation accident lawyer, victims can remain confident that their case will be taken care of in a prompt and professional manner.

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