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We are a very tech savvy company. We don’t pay anyone to market our websites nor do we feel we can be profitable by producing a sub-par product. We spend a lot of time researching and writing content that will help consumers researching their legal rights online. Along the same philosophy, all advertisers will be screened and qualified before approval is given.

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Lead Purchasing

The only advertisers that qualify to buy leads generated through this website are law firms or attorneys that are currently practicing law. Many of the readers of our sites are finding us on the Search Engines doing specific searches looking for an attorney that will handle a lawsuit for their specific problem and we will only pass their information on to a qualified lawyer for help.


Banner Advertising

We offer banner advertising to all businesses. We firmly believe that the consumers that are using our website can make the decision for themselves on whether they want to click on an advertisement. You are required to provide all html and landing URL’s or our team can create them for you at an extra charge. Banners are sold per page per topic area not per impression.


Guest News Posts/Articles

We believe in giving everyone a voice so it’s only natural that we should offer guest posts on the news section of our site. We are completely open to different viewpoints as long as they are researched and backed up by facts, not speculation. We allow one outbound link to a website of your choice (we have final approval and reserve the right to not allow links to certain sites). Writing news articles for the Consumer Justice Foundation is absolutely free, aside from your time.[/tab][/tabs]

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