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Birth Defects

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Unfortunately, consumers may be unaware of the dangers of many of the medications currently on the market. They may even be unknowingly taking a drug that has caused any number of major side effects, including stroke, death, heart attack, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, liver disease and kidney disease, among others. Other pharmaceutical drugs have been associated with severe birth injuries in infants exposed to the drugs, including cardiovascular malformations, skeletal defects and neural tube birth injuries. The side effects caused by defective drugs can leave a person physically incapacitated, unable to perform normal daily activities like going to work or enjoying time with family. Similarly, children who are born with a birth injury like any number of neural tube birth defects are likely to require surgical treatment as well as life-long medical care.

Drug Manufacturer Birth Defects Liability

Drug manufacturing companies are responsible for the safety and effectiveness of their medications, even after they enter the market; these companies should be held accountable for the dangerous side effects associated with the drugs as well. Consumers are inundated by millions of medications and products each year. We can not be expected to know every detail of every drug and product; only then would we be able to accurately determine which drugs are safe to use and which drugs may cause us serious harm. Too often, a new drug results in several instances of severe side effects in consumers, to which the FDA reacts by piling restriction upon restriction on the medication. Unfortunately, this is reactive, not proactive; the damage has already been done and some injured consumers may be plagued by these injuries for the rest of their lives. These victims deserve compensation for their injuries, which have occurred at the hands of irresponsible drug manufacturing companies. The most effective way to collect the reimbursement you are entitled to is to hire a defective drug attorney to represent your case.

Birth Defect Injury Representation

Most people assume that any serious injury they sustain as a result of a defective drug will be covered by their insurance company. However, it is a common practice of insurance claims adjusters to reject insurance claims or offer an injury victim far less compensation than they are entitled to, simply to pay out the lowest possible amount in damages. Sometimes, claims adjusters may even stall a claim, dragging it out over a long period of time in hopes that the victim will simply give up or not follow through. It is important for victims of defective drug-related injuries to protect themselves against these malicious actions by hiring a defective drug lawyer to present their case in a court of law.

Attorneys for Birth Defect Lawsuits

The side effects associated with the use of defective drugs can have catastrophic consequences for an affected consumer. Unfortunately, people may continue to take these medications, unaware of the potential risks they may be exposing themselves to. But you are not at fault. With accurate information, consumers can make educated decisions about the medications they take and decrease their risks of experiencing these life-altering and potentially fatal side effects. If you or a loved one has suffered from a major side effect as a result of a defective drug, you should consider how a defective drug lawsuit can help you. These lawsuits protect your right to safe medications as well as promote more stringent regulations regarding the testing of drugs by manufacturing companies. More importantly, victims of defective drug-related injuries may be entitled to reimbursement for the damages that have incurred. An experienced defective drug attorney can help victims of defective drug injuries develop a successful case against the drug manufacturing company.

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