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A person suffering from a health condition, minor or severe, expects the medication prescribed to him by his doctor to effectively treat his symptoms and not expose him to any further danger. However, many drugs on the market today have been shown to cause significant harm to a consumer, and in some cases the drug’s potential for harm may even outweigh the possible benefits of the medication. You may wonder then, why people continue to take these drugs. Most often, it is because consumers are simply unaware of the risks they are exposing themselves to by merely taking their medication. People assume that if a medicine is produced by a drug manufacturing company and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it must be safe to take. Unfortunately, many drugs currently on the market have the potential to cause significant, life-altering harm, including catastrophic side effects, horrible diseases and fatal birth defects in infants exposed to the drug during pregnancy.

When Do You File a Lawsuit for Prescription Drug Side Effects?

Anyone that has been inflicted with a severe injury, life threatening disease or side effect that has change the course of their life due to a prescription drug needs to evaluate if they should sue the drug manufacturer that caused their injury.

Get A Lawyer When Medications Do More Harm Than Good

sub-page-img1Even when a drug company introduces a new medication designed to treat a disease or medical condition, their products often do more harm than good, putting patients at risk for a long list of side effects, some even more severe than the patient’s initial illness. Actos, for example, was developed as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, and has been used by millions of Americans in combination with diet and exercise to lower blood glucose levels. However, studies published over the past several years have identified Actos use as a risk factor for a host of potentially life-threatening side effects, including heart disease, heart failure and bladder cancer.

Hire An Attorney When Drug Makers Conceal Side Effect Information

sub-page-img1The real trouble though, comes when drug manufacturing companies become aware of a connection between their products and side effects, like bladder cancer and heart disease, and choose to withhold this information from the public. Far too often, big corporations choose profits over people’s lives, deciding that it serves them better to protect their bottom line rather than the safety and well-being of the consumers using their products. It’s in situations like these that it is most important to hold drug companies responsible for their deceptive actions and help injured consumers pursue the compensation they deserve.

With record numbers of patients suffering injuries or dying as a result of medication side effects, many wonder why such dangerous prescription and over-the-counter drugs are allowed on the market. Unfortunately, even with federal regulations in place to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs, statistics show that 4.5 million Americans visit their doctor or an emergency room every year because of a drug complication. Fortunately, there are drug injury lawyers across the country who are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers harmed by side effects of potentially dangerous drugs, and helping them pursue the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

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