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Anal Atresia

Written by Faith Anderson on June 21, 2011
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Anal Atresia Types and Symptoms

There are several different types of characteristics that are defined as an anal atresia or imperforate anus birth defect. An infant’s anus could be entirely absent, irregularly dilated or constricted, or developed in such a way that the colon is connected to the bladder, vagina or urethra. Some of the signs and symptoms of anal atresia include swollen abdomen, failure to pass stool within the first 24 to 48 hours of life, stool passing out of the vagina, scrotum, or urethra, and inability to control bowel movements by the age of three.

Anal Atresia Treatment and Complications

A specialized surgical procedure is the most effective way to treat anal atresia. The surgery will most likely involve the reconstruction of the colon and anus. Depending on the severity of the condition, treating anal atresia or imperforate anus could require a colostomy in order to alleviate the body of blocked waste. In the case that other organs are affected by the birth defect, a more complicated or multiple surgeries may be necessary. Babies born with anal atresia often are born with accompanying birth defects such as spinal, genital and urinary tract malformations. Infants with any birth defects including anal atresia should be thoroughly tested for other conditions that may not be as obvious to diagnose.

Anal Atresia Lawyers

Families whose babies are born with congenital defects have many financial and emotional hurdles to cross. A baby with birth defects requiring surgery or a number of surgeries most likely will accumulate a mountain of medical costs not only for the initial treatment but also for a lifetime of follow-up care. Lawyers specializing in defective drug lawsuits can provide an invaluable resource for families in this predicament. Birth defect individual or class action lawsuits serve two main purposes: to fight for life-time care for the victim of the defective drug side effects and to bring attention to the adverse side effects of certain drugs. Shedding light on the effects of defective drugs will hopefully prevent future injuries and hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for the side effects of their products.

Anal atresia attorneys know the most effective way to collect and present medical evidence when gathering information for a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical manufacturer. In a conflict with multi-billion dollar companies, you want to have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side. If you or a loved one has been affected by birth defects believed to be caused by taking prescribed medication during pregnancy, contact a defective drug attorney immediately. In most cases, lawyers will provide a free claim review for cases involving drug-related birth defects.

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