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Written by Andrew Sarski on March 3, 2011
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Manufacturers of children’s products, such as cribs, strollers and toys, are responsible for designing and producing products that are safe and unlikely to cause unreasonable harm when used in the capacity for which they were intended. Unfortunately, some children’s products, even those which are marketed as safety devices for children, like strollers, have the potential to pose a serious danger for a small child, possibly resulting in fatal entrapment. In fact, children’s products like cribs are responsible for twenty-six strangulation and suffocation deaths each year. By raising awareness of the potential risks associated with certain children’s products, consumers can prevent unnecessary accidents and fatalities from occurring.

What is Entrapment?

The term “entrapment” can be defined in a variety of ways, but when discussing the hazards of certain dangerous products, namely defective children’s strollers, entrapment refers to the potential for the product to cause a child to become trapped, often resulting in major injuries and even death. In many cases entrapment caused by a defective product results in injuries like lacerations and bruises, but in some instances, the child’s breathing may be inhibited, potentially resulting in strangulation.

Child Entrapment Complications

In cases of entrapment, such as in certain children’s strollers, infants’ torsos may slip through the opening between the stroller tray and the seat bottom. Unfortunately, this opening may not be big enough for the child’s head to fit through, causing the child to become trapped and potentially suffer strangulation. Because infants are largely unable to protect themselves from harm, defective children’s products are extremely dangerous, especially when consumers are unaware of the potential dangers associated with the products. Any product which may cause a small child to become trapped, especially products which are actually intended for use with children, such as toys, strollers and cribs, are exceptionally hazardous and should be deemed defective.

Entrapment Victim Legal Help

Victims of serious injury resulting from the use of a defective product are not at fault, and may be entitled to reimbursement for their injuries. Consumers should be able to feel confident that their children are safe from harm, especially while using safety devices intended for children. Too often, children are injured and even killed while using a product marketed for children, including cribs and strollers.

If your child has experienced entrapment caused by a defective product in which serious injuries were sustained, contact a defective product attorney to discuss the benefits of filing a lawsuit against the product manufacturing company. By filing a defective product lawsuit, victims and their families can receive financial compensation for the victim’s injuries, the medical expenses associated with treatment of the injuries, and the pain and suffering incurred by the victim and his family. Defective product lawyers are extremely qualified in defective product litigation and can help victims collect the compensation they deserve.

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