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Finger Amputation

Written by Andrew Sarski on March 3, 2011
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Finger Amputation Described

Finger amputation is the removal of all or part of a digit resulting from severe damage. This damage can include infection, frostbite, gangrene, or direct trauma, such as in instances of an adult or child’s finger being accidentally caught in a device or defective product. Finger amputations occur when the finger is severed, and the degree of the injury can vary from fingertip amputation, to whole finger amputation, to the amputation of several fingers.

Finger Amputation Treatment

For both children and adults whose finger or fingers have been amputated, the first course of action is to locate the digit and keep it moist, either with wet gauze or a wet paper towel. The wrapped finger should be placed in a sealed plastic bag or sterile container and put on ice in order to maintain the integrity of the digit’s underlying structures. After this has been completed, or if the finger cannot be found or has suffered extensive damage, the individual should seek medical attention immediately. In some cases, especially in children, a doctor may be able to reattach the finger, as long as it hasn’t suffered too much damage. Children are naturally better at healing replanted fingers, so doctors usually make every effort to reattach a severed finger on a child.

Statistics show that approximately 90% of severed fingers are successfully reattached. Unfortunately, most reattached fingers only have about 50% of normal motion, many suffer from significant loss of sensation, and others struggle with cold tolerance. The difficulty in dealing with amputated fingers is in deciding whether the victim will benefit from reattaching the finger or if the result of a reattached finger may be worse than living with an absent digit.

Finger Amputation Legal Help

A finger amputation, especially in small children, can have a significant impact on the individual’s ability to perform certain tasks and participate in everyday activities. Victims of serious injury resulting from the use of a defective product are not at fault and may be entitled to reimbursement for their injuries. If you or a loved one has sustained a finger amputation caused by a defective product, contact a defective product attorney to discuss the benefits of filing a defective product lawsuit against the manufacturing company. With the help of a qualified defective product lawyer, victims of finger amputations can stand up for their rights and collect the compensation they deserve.

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