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Written by Andrew Sarski on March 3, 2011
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Many children’s products, namely strollers, cribs and car seats, are marketed as safety devices for children and are intended to protect small children from harm. Unfortunately, the benefits of some of these products may actually be outweighed by the product’s potential for harm. For example, some children’s products, like strollers, have the potential to cause life-threatening injuries for a young child, including strangulation.

Strangulation Described

Strangulation can occur under any number of circumstances, but is generally caused by compression of the neck which may lead to unconsciousness and fatality. Strangulation is dangerous because it interferes with the normal flow of oxygen to the brain, which is associated with irreversible neurological damage and death. Strangulation associated with the use of a defective children’s product, such as certain strollers, may occur when a child becomes trapped by the product and breathing becomes inhibited to the point of death.

Strangulation from Defective Childrens Products

The safety of a number of children’s products has been reevaluated in recent years because these products have caused potentially fatal injuries in small children. More specifically, many children’s strollers have been recalled because of the risk of finger amputation, bruises, lacerations, entrapment, and even death. Some small children have had their finger amputated by a defective hinge on certain strollers. In some strollers, the opening between the stroller tray and seat bottom is large enough for an infant’s body to fit through, but not the child’s head, which may result in entrapment and difficulty breathing. If a child’s ability to breathe is inhibited for a long period of time, it may result in strangulation.

Strangulation Victims Legal Help

Families of victims who suffer strangulation, especially in the case of children who are strangled during the use of a defective children’s product, will likely struggle with severe emotional and financial difficulties. If your child was killed during the use of a defective product, a defective product attorney can help. You and your family are not at fault and you may benefit from filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the product manufacturing company. The goal of defective product lawsuits is to seek financial compensation for the injuries or death sustained by your child, the additional cost of care including funeral expenses, and the pain and suffering incurred by you and your family. Qualified defective product lawyers have the expertise and skill necessary to help the families of strangulation victims develop a wrongful death claim and collect the compensation they are entitled to.

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