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Written by Faith Anderson on March 23, 2011
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Suffocation Described

Suffocation occurs when a person is in a position or place in which he or she cannot breathe. A partially or fully inhibited flow of air into the mouth and nostrils can prevent an individual from taking in the amount of air necessary for survival. In the case of infant suffocation resulting from a defective children’s product, such as certain cribs for example, a child may become entrapped by the product and suffocate due to an inadequate flow of air into the body.

Suffocation from Defective Products Examples

There are a number of children’s products currently on the market which may cause infants and small children significant harm. More specifically, millions of drop-side cribs have been recalled in recent years because of a product defect which may cause the drop-side rail of the cribs to detach, resulting in entrapment, injuries like bruises, broken bones, and concussion, and death by strangulation or suffocation. Additionally, full detachment of the rail may cause the child to fall out of the crib and sustain serious injuries. In some instances of partial rail detachment, a gap between the drop-side rail and the headboard may be exposed, allowing the infant’s head and neck to become trapped. Partial detachment may also expose an opening between the rail and the mattress into which a child may fall and become wedged, resulting in entrapment, strangulation or suffocation.

Legal Help for Families of Suffocation Victims

Unfortunately, some product manufacturing companies conceal the more serious hazards of their defective products in order to ensure their product enters the market. Others are already aware of the possible dangers of their products, but they intentionally withhold this information from the public in order to avoid a recall or other negative consequences. Families of suffocation victims, especially in instances of infant suffocation, will likely struggle with both emotional and financial hardship. If your family member was suffocated while using a defective product, you and your family are not at fault and you may also have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the product manufacturing company. By contacting a defective product attorney, the families of suffocation victims can be fully informed of their legal options as well as the benefits of filing a defective product lawsuit. The goal of defective product lawsuits is to seek financial compensation for the injuries or death sustained by your family member, the expenses associated with treatment or funeral costs, and the pain and suffering sustained by you and your family. With the help of a qualified defective product lawyer, families of suffocation victims can develop an effective wrongful death lawsuit and collect the compensation they deserve.

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