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Insurance Claims and Car Accidents

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Car Accident Expenses and Damages

The severity of car accident injuries can range from minor to catastrophic, including head, neck and back injuries, facial injuries, concussion, whiplash, and broken bones. The most dangerous injuries may those that are not immediately recognizable, like head, neck and back injuries, whiplash or concussion. Often car accident victims with these types of injuries are unaware that they exist and deny medical attention. Unfortunately, it is these kinds of auto accident injuries that, untreated, leave a victim susceptible to more severe pain and long-lasting complications in the future. Victims of serious car accident injuries may find themselves unable to return to work, to perform simple tasks like crossing a room without pain, and without a vital source of income.

Unfortunately, on top of the loss of income for car accident victims who are physically unable to return to work due to their injuries, they will also face exorbitant medical bills and other expenses related to their treatment and recovery. The cost of repairs and medical bills for auto accident victims can begin to pile up without the help of a settlement, becoming an unmanageable burden. In fact, recent research indicates that the average cost of auto accidents per year has hit $127 billion, making the approximate cost to individuals involved in car accidents over $11,000 per person.

Insurance Disputes in Car Accidents

Most people assume that if they are the victim of a catastrophic injury due to the carelessness of another person in an auto accident, they will be compensated by either their car insurance company or the company insuring the other person, without question. However, those people may not be aware of the common, deceiving practices employed by many car insurance claims adjusters. While we expect auto insurance company representatives to be on our side, some people may not know that they are specifically trained to deny claims or settle auto accident claims with the lowest possible payout. Oftentimes, insurance companies will reject a car accident claim, stall payment on a claim hoping the victim will not follow through, or offer a settlement far below what the car accident victim is entitled to. This means that if you have a broken back as a result of a car accident that was not your fault, and you are struggling financially because your medical bills are piling up and you are unable to return to work, you may also be fighting against your own auto insurance company to receive fair reimbursement for your injuries, if any at all. The only way to ensure a fair settlement or collection of damages for your auto accident injuries is to seek legal guidance immediately following a car accident.

Car Accident Legal Help

Personal injury litigation can be extremely complicated, but a knowledgeable accident attorney can help make sure you understand the legalities involved in your lawsuit. Victims of car accidents should have little to concentrate on save recovering from their injuries, never mind dealing with insurance companies and possible lawsuits. The most important job car accident victims should be sure to perform is collecting any evidence and documentation pertaining to their case, including medical and insurance records. These will be an extremely helpful aid to an attorney when compiling the data for your case. The guidance of an experienced car accident attorney is a valuable resource to have, in order to help you face the potentially overwhelming task of developing a personal injury lawsuit and collecting the compensation you deserve.

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