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Lead Paint & Lead Poisoning

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Side Effects of Lead Poisoning

According to research involving lead paint and lead poisoning, adults are susceptible to lead poisoning, but children are most vulnerable to the harmful effects of exposure to lead paint. For children, lead poisoning exposure can affect their developing brains and nervous systems, possibly causing behavioral problems, learning disabilities, developmental delay, kidney damage and stunted growth. Lead dust is the most common form of exposure to lead poisoning, and poses the highest risk during home renovations and repairs. If your house was built before 1978 – when lead paint was banned – your best bet is to assume lead is present. Any professional you hire to help with the repairs or renovation must abide by the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, which ensures that any dangerous lead dust is properly contained.

Product Liability Attorneys for Lead Poisoning

Lead paint that is in good condition typically doesn’t pose a risk, but individuals living in a house or apartment building that may contain lead paint should be aware of the dangers that could be lurking in their home. For instance, many people think that lead paint is the only source of potential lead exposure in the home. However, in homes with lead plumbing, drinking water could also pose a serious risk of lead poisoning. If you are concerned about the presence of lead in your home, there are do-it-yourself lead test kits, which should be considered a first step towards understanding the possible lead poisoning hazards in your home. If lead plumbing is present in your home, consider getting a water filter to rid your drinking water of contaminants. If you have suffered from side effects potentially linked to lead exposure, our consumer advocates can put you in contact with a knowledgeable lead poisoning attorney in your area.

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