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Jerry Sandusky Will Spend Life in Prison

Written by Faith Anderson on October 9, 2012
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Sandusky Used Charity to Prey on Vulnerable Kids

“They can make me out to be a monster,” Sandusky said in court on Tuesday. “They can treat me as a monster. But they can’t take away my heart. In my heart, I know I did not do these alleged and disgusting acts.” The 68-year-old was accused by prosecutors of using his Second Mile charity to prey on vulnerable children, who were often poor and without a father figure in their lives. He was also accused of using his fame and access to the Penn State football program to lure victims in, offering them game tickets and the opportunity to travel with the team, attend practice and work out in the weight room. These “outings” were often followed by a shower with Sandusky, which is where victims said the sexual abuse occurred. The former Penn State coach isn’t the only one who took the fall for the abuse though; legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno was fired within days of the scandal becoming public, as was the school president, Graham Spanier. In addition, athletic director Tim Curley and school vice-president Gary Schultz were charged with felony offenses for perjury and failing to report the crime to authorities.

Jerry Sandusky Calls Sex Abuse Charges a “Conspiracy”

Despite Sandusky’s claims that the child molestation charges against him are the result of a conspiracy by lying accusers, the media and overzealous police, the jury sided with the victims. “I don’t forgive you and I don’t know if I will forgive you,” said Victim No. 4, the first known boy abused by Sandusky. “I grew up in a bad situation and you made it worse.” In addition to speaking directly to his abuser, Victim No. 4 also spoke to the other victims, known and unknown. “While I stand here and won’t forgive you,” he said, “I ask the others after me to forgive me for not coming forward sooner.” Throughout the trial, Sandusky has been rightfully portrayed as a predator who took advantage of vulnerable children, and deputy attorney general Joseph McGettigan described Second Mile in court on Tuesday as a “victim factory.” The victims’ testimonies were supported by eye witnesses, “love letters” written by Sandusky to his victims, and Second Mile logs of the children, which included stars next to the names of some of the sex abuse victims. There’s no doubt that Jerry Sandusky forever altered the lives of his victims; the question now is, whether or not him spending the rest of his life behind bars is a step toward mending their wounds.

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