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Lean Cuisine Recall

Written by Faith Anderson on February 12, 2013
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Lean Cuisine Products Affected by Recall

The Mushroom Mezzaluna products affected by the Lean Cuisine recall carry the UPC 13800-58358 and a “best before date” of DEC 2013, and the production codes on the Lean Cuisine meals are 2311587812 and 2312587812. The recalled meals were produced during early November 2012 and the recall is limited to only two days of production. Although the affected products were distributed nationwide, Nestlé believes that, due to the popularity of the Mushroom Mezzaluna entrée, very little remains in retail distribution. Instead, Nestlé is advising consumers to examine their freezer inventory for the recalled products. To locate the production code, consumers should look for the gray “proof of purchase” panel, located on the right end flap of the package, below the ingredient list.

Contact a Reputable Attorney for Legal Help

According to the recall announcement distributed by the FDA, consumers who may have purchased the recalled Lean Cuisine products should not consume the meal, but should instead contact Nestlé Consumer Services for further instructions. Nestlé will provide a replacement coupon to reporting consumers, and may also make arrangements to retrieve the affected product for further examination. Although Nestlé Prepared Foods Company initiated the voluntary recall, the company has made no mention of the possible source of the glass shards found in the Mushroom Mezzaluna entrées. The manufacturing company noted at the end of the recall announcement that “Nestlé is dedicated to food quality, and the health and safety of its consumers.” However, allowing fragments of glass to make their way into a ravioli meal distributed to consumers across the country is a poor means of protecting consumer health. If you have experienced an adverse health event that you believe to be related to a dangerous consumer product, like the Lean Cuisine meals, consult an experienced attorney in your area to discuss your possible compensation options.

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