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Deaths May be Linked to Monster Energy Drinks

Written by Faith Anderson on November 2, 2012
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Energy Drinks Not Subject to FDA Regulation

The main issue associated with Monster and other energy drinks is that the beverages are exempt from regulation by the FDA, unlike other consumer food products. Instead, energy drinks like Monster are marketed as dietary supplements because their makers claim that the beverages contain all-natural ingredients. And because Monster Energy drink is not subject to FDA regulation, records of the reported problems linked to the beverage are sparse. Makers of energy drinks like Monster are required to inform the FDA of serious health concerns related to the use of their products, but a recent report indicates that Monster Beverage Corp. has submitted just one adverse event report – a death – since 2007, considerably less than the FDA already has in its records. According to the FDA, at least 20 adverse health events that blame Monster Energy drinks as the cause have been reported to the agency, including four deaths.

Consuming Energy Drinks May Result in Caffeine Overdose

Energy drinks like Monster are easily accessible by adults and teens, sold alongside other popular soft drinks in most retail stores. Monster is sold in tall cans and contains large amounts of caffeine, sometimes as much as seven times the amount of caffeine contained in a regular soda. Energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull have flooded the market in the last decade, and are particularly popular among teens, who are most sensitive to the effects of ingesting too much caffeine – known as a caffeine overdose. Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, who sponsored the 2007 legislation that required energy drink makers to report any serious adverse events to the FDA, claims that the agency is not doing a good enough job keeping consumers informed about the potential risks associated with these products. According to Durbin, the prevalence of reports citing problems with Monster Energy drinks should have already prompted an FDA warning to consumers.

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