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DePuy Hip Implant Settlement

Written by Faith Anderson on August 22, 2012
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Side Effects of the DePuy ASR Hip Implant

A hip implant recall was issued for the DePuy ASR replacement system in August 2010, after J&J acknowledged that about one out of every eight implants may fail within five years. According to other reports, defects in the design of the hip implant may cause a far greater number of the metal-on-metal implants to fail. Approximately 6,000 recipients of the ASR hip implant have already filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy Orthopaedics subsidiary, claiming that the manufacturers knew or should have known about the defects in the implant’s design. The DePuy ASR implant is a metal-on-metal hip replacement system featuring chromium and cobalt in its ball-and-socket design. As the metal parts of the implant rub against one another, microscopic metal particles may be shed into the body, possibly resulting in complications like metallosis, and loosening or failure of the implant.

Hip Implant Lawsuits for Defective ASR Replacement System

The DePuy ASR lawsuit filed by Rundel, Bender and Guy was scheduled to be the first U.S. case to be presented to a jury, and would have been heard in Nevada state court in December 2012. In light of the settlement, the next trial date for a hip implant lawsuit is scheduled for January 2013 in Maryland. In the federal court system, all DePuy hip implant lawsuits have been consolidated for pretrial proceedings as part of an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, centralized in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. The first trial dates for the federal MDL are scheduled to begin in May and July 2013. If you have suffered from side effects associated with the recalled DePuy ASR hip implant, contact an experienced hip implant attorney to discuss your legal options.

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