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Tylenol Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Written by Faith Anderson on March 29, 2012
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Johnson & Johnson’s Tainted Tylenol and Product Recalls

The toddler’s parents content that the allegedly negligent manufacture and distribution of tainted Tylenol, which included a dangerously high level of the active ingredient acetaminophen, was to blame for the two-year-old’s death. They cite the numerous and ongoing Johnson & Johnson recalls that have plagued the company recently, including its defective metal hip implant that resulted in a class action lawsuit, and public recalls of other children’s medications, including the batch that was given to River Moore. Concerns have also been raised about Johnson & Johnson’s so-called “stealth recall,” in which the drug firm allegedly paid a company to quietly buy up a stockpile of contaminated Motrin to keep it out of public hands without raising eyebrows. The toddler’s parents have used these examples as evidence that the company is more concerned with their bottom line than with ensuring the safety of their medications for consumer use.

Tylenol Liver Failure Side Effects and Lawsuits

Tylenol liver failure side effects have been a serious concern for consumers, healthcare professionals and drug regulators since the 1990s, when studies indicated that acetaminophen (Tylenol) was a major cause of acute liver failure. Since that time, extensive research has suggested that even healthy adults taking Tylenol as recommended may suffer from adverse reactions indicative of Tylenol liver failure. Even the FDA’s Adverse Events Reporting System indicates that reported cases of acute liver failure have skyrocketed from 89 in 1995 to 404 in 2005, suggesting that Tylenol liver failure remains a serious public health problem. The case against Johnson & Johnson, its distributor McNeil Consumer Healthcare, and others involved in the manufacture and distribution of Tylenol is likely to continue for years to come, especially if other consumers step forward with similar claims.

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