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9/11 Compensation Fund

Written by Faith Anderson on September 10, 2012
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Cancer to be Included Among Compensable 9/11 Diseases

Those applying for compensation from the fund will still be required to complete a certification process with the government in order to determine whether their medical condition is, in fact, connected to exposure to toxic substances at Ground Zero. As of yet, it is unclear exactly what types of cancer will be covered under the government’s final rule, but a proposal by the Health and Human Services Department back in June listed more than a dozen types of cancer, including breast, stomach, skin and colon cancer. The 9/11 compensation fund already covers medical conditions like asthma, lung and airway disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder, related to the terrorist attacks.

First Responders to Seek Compensation for Cancer

Once the federal government acknowledges the link between Ground Zero exposure and cancer, and issues the final rule, the government can begin the process of compensating first responders and others who have been harmed by exposure to toxins at the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, despite more potential victims qualifying for reimbursement as a result of the government’s decision, the total amount in the compensation fund is not expected to increase. Congress has set aside a fixed amount of $2.775 billion to provide testing and treatment for people who worked in response and recovery operations on September 11, 2001. Of that amount, $875 million can be distributed in the first five years of the program – the rest can be paid after that. According to 2010 statistics issued by the New York State Department of Health, nearly 350 first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attacks had died from cancer at that time. If you developed cancer that you believed to be linked to Ground Zero, or if you lost a loved one who was exposed to Ground Zero to cancer, contact a knowledgeable occupational disease lawyer to explore your compensation options.

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