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Car Seat Recall

Written by Faith Anderson on November 13, 2012
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Models Affected by Car Seat Recall

The child safety seats affected by the recall were manufactured by Britax Child Safety, manufacturer of car seats and strollers, and include the following models sold in the United States:

  • Boulevard 70-G3
  • Pavilion 70-3G
  • Advocate 70-3G

Additional Britax seats affected by the recall include the following models sold in Canada:

  • Boulevard 65-3G
  • Pavilion 65-3G
  • Advocate 65-3G

Britax Providing Replacement Harness Pads

The recalled child seats were manufactured between June and August 2012, and include a tag on the left-hand side of the seat, near the head, that displays the model number and manufacture date. In response to the recall and choking hazard, Britax said it has since made changes to the harness pads “to increase their durability and hardness,” apparently in hopes of making the material less chewable for young children. To further address the issue, North Carolina-based Britax Child Safety is providing consumers with a kit containing the new pads to replace the defective HUGS pads on the harness straps.

Product Liability Lawyers for Defective Product Injuries

Although Britax has described the safety seat recall as voluntary, once a manufacturer becomes aware of a problem, it has no choice but to notify the safety agency of its plan for a recall within five days. Owners of the recalled car seats have been advised to remove the HUGS pad until a replacement pad is received. If you or your child has suffered injuries because of a defective product, our consumer advocates at the Consumer Justice Foundation can put you in contact with a product liability attorney in your area. Consumer products, particularly those intended for use with children, should be safe to use without posing a risk of injury or death. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. With the help of a qualified product liability lawyer, you can pursue financial compensation for your injuries and protect yourself and your family from further harm.

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