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L.A. Arson Fires Suspect

Written by Faith Anderson on January 2, 2012
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Over 50 Fires Believed to be Started by L.A. Arsonist

A total of fifty-five fires are currently under investigation, forty-five of which have occurred in the Los Angeles area, another nine in West Hollywood, and one in Burbank. Authorities distributed a video at a news conference with footage from a security camera that showed a white male in his late twenties to early thirties, dressed in black, with receding hair tied back in a ponytail. According to Los Angeles Police Commander Mike Moriarty, witness reports and video footage placed the same man at several of the locations where fires were started leading up to the new year. So far no one has been seriously hurt, but a firefighter was treated and released for injuries sustained at the site of one blaze over the weekend, and another person suffered minor injuries associated with a fire that occurred on New Year’s Eve.

Evidence Mounting Against Man Possibly Linked to Arson Fires

Law enforcement officials have declined to report what evidence they have tying the arson cases together, or to give more information about how the fires were set. According to authorities, detectives are concerned about releasing more information, which they fear could prompt the arsonist or arsonists to change tactics and could even encourage copycats. Los Angeles Police Department Commander Andrew Smith has reported however that dozens of detectives have been reassigned to work on the arson cases. “Those detectives are now working together around the clock,” Smith said. “We’ve got hundreds of clues, dozens of witnesses, and countless pieces of evidence,” he added. In the meantime, the LAPD is encouraging residents to leave the lights on outside their homes and to make sure cars are locked. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately by calling 911.

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