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Possible Cause of Food Allergies

Written by Faith Anderson on December 4, 2012
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Connection Between Bacteria and Food and Digestive Allergies

“We wanted to see if there was an association between certain pesticides and food allergies, and we were specifically interested in dichlorophenols because those were the ones that had this antibacterial effect,” said study author Dr. Elina Jerschow. “When researchers have compared bacteria from the bowel in healthy kids versus bacteria in the bowel for kids that have a lot of allergies, they’ve notice a big difference.” Jerschow elaborated on the details of the study, indicating that researchers were only looking for a statistical association. This means that they were unable to personally examine patients to determine how the chemicals may have caused their food allergies.

Pesticide Chemicals Could Damage Immune System

“While the study does not allow concluding that pesticides are responsible for the allergies, it certainly raises the possibility and justifies the kinds of studies that can help sort out if these pesticides are, indeed, the cause,” said Dr. Kenneth Spaeth, director of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center at North Shore University Hospital. For example, Spaeth says, the report fits in with mounting evidence suggesting that pesticide exposure can damage the immune system, which could, in turn, cause common food allergies. Unfortunately, researchers found that even consumers who opted for bottled water instead of tap can ingest the dichlorophenols pesticide chemical by consuming fruit, fruit juices and foods containing cocoa powder, like chocolate.

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According to a 2008 study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of adults and children in the United States suffering from food or digestive allergies has increased 18% from 1997 to 2007.That works out to approximately three million people under the age of 18. The majority of food allergies involve peanuts, eggs, milk, fish, soy, shellfish, wheat and tree nuts, making up 90% of all food allergies. Symptoms of these allergies can range from a tingling sensation in the mouth to anaphylaxis, which involves the potentially life-threatening swelling of the throat and tongue. If you have developed a serious food allergy, and you think exposure to pesticide chemicals could be the cause, contact an experienced attorney in your area to discuss your legal options.

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