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Stroller Recall

Written by Faith Anderson on June 19, 2012
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Defective Design Poses Amputation and Laceration Hazard

The CPSC has concluded that the injuries caused by the Kolcraft strollers occur due to an opening that forms while locking and unlocking the hinge mechanism used to adjust the handlebars. According to the agency, this defective design presents a laceration and amputation hazard for adults and children using the products. The stroller recall issued by the CPSC affects approximately 36,000 Kolcraft Contours Options three- and four-wheel strollers sold in the United States and 270 strollers sold in Canada.

Kolcraft Models Affected by Stroller Recall

The recalled strollers have model numbers that start with ZL002, ZL005, ZL008, ZL015 and ZL018. The products were manufactured between January 2006 and November 2009, and most models have the model number and manufacturing date sewn into a label on the back of the stroller seat pad. The ZL002 models however, have this information printed on a sticker above the left stroller wheel. The defective strollers were sold at child specialty retailers across the country and online at, and for between $150 and $160, between January 2006 and June 2012.

Previous Recalls for Defective Strollers

A similar recall for Maclaren strollers was issued in 2009 when it was found that the stroller posed an amputation and laceration hazard when the stroller was unfolded or opened. The Maclaren stroller recall was re-announced last year after the CPSC continued to receive reports of stroller injuries associated with the products. As of May 2011, there had been at least 149 incidents of injury reported in connection with the recalled Maclaren strollers, including at least 17 fingertip amputations. In the most recent stroller recall, the CPSC recommends that any consumers who have purchased Kolcraft strollers stop using them immediately and contact Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., of Chicago, Illinois to receive a free repair kit.

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