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Swing Set Recall

Written by Faith Anderson on July 12, 2012
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Recalled Flexible Flyer Swing Set Models

The recent recall affects eleven different models of Flexible Flyer swing sets, 100,500 of which were sold in the United States, and 4,900 of which were sold in Canada. The recalled swing set model names and numbers include the following:

  • Big Adventure – 41575
  • Fun Fantastic – 41577
  • Fun Fantastic II – 41578
  • Backyard Flyer – 42003
  • Backyard Fun – 42013
  • Backyard Swingin’ Fun – 42023
  • Windsor II – 42030
  • Fun Time – 42124
  • Fantastic Playground – 42126
  • Triple Fun – 42544
  • Triple Fun II – 42560

The recalled Flexible Flyer swing sets come in eleven different models, each with a see-saw attachment accompanied by swings, bars or a slide. The model number can be found on a sticker located underneath the center of the top bar of each swing set unit.

CPSC Recommendation for Consumers

The Flexible Flyer swing sets affected by the recent recall were manufactured in the United States and have been sold by Walmart, Toys R Us, Academy and other specialty stores and online retailers from December 2011 to May 2012, for between $130 and $280. Consumers who have purchased the recalled swing sets are urged by the CPSC to stop using the products immediately and contact Troxel, the manufacturer, to receive a free repair kit. Consumers should also keep in mind that federal law prohibits the sale or attempted sale of this product or any other recalled product.

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