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Walking Can Prevent Diabetes

Written by Faith Anderson on September 18, 2012
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Minimal Walking May Lead to Diabetes

The findings of the study indicate that immigrants or any other group that lives in areas with fragmented or poorly-connected streets, and with fewer destinations within a 10-minute walk, have a 50% increased risk of developing diabetes, compared to long-term residents living in neighborhoods that offer plenty of opportunities for walking. Unfortunately, research shows that with populations on the rise in the United States, more and more neighborhoods across the country are being exposed to unhealthy eating options with growing fast food franchises and have fewer to no opportunities for physical exercise.

Movers Should Choose Walk-Friendly Areas

In order to identify which neighborhoods were more conducive to walking, researchers established an index to analyze factors like street connectivity, population density, and the availability of retails stores and other services within a 10-minute walk – close enough to walk but far enough to constitute physical exercise. According to the research, those areas with the highest diabetic population were those that relied heavily on motorized transportation, and those that had highly-concentrated food and shopping centers where walking was minimal. The study authors suggest that their findings are important enough to warrant movers taking these factors into consideration when deciding where to live. They also note that if movers have to choose between an area that requires the use of motorized transportation and one that offers commercial services within feet of one another, they should always choose the location that requires little use of a vehicle.

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