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Baby Wipes Class Action

December 17, 2014

Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Infection Risk from Baby Wipes

Consumers who used the recalled Nutek baby wipes may be exposed to a risk of bacterial infection due to a contamination.

A growing number of class action lawsuits are being brought against the makers of Nutek disposable baby wipes, alleging that…

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Graco Stroller Recall

November 26, 2014

5 Million Graco Strollers Recalled Over Risk of Amputation Injuries

Children may be at risk of getting their fingers caught in the stroller’s sliding hinge, possible causing laceration or amputation injuries.

Close to five million Graco and Century-branded strollers are being subjected to a consumer product recall, following reports of children’s…

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Infant Crib Recall

July 25, 2014

Oeuf Sparrow Cribs Recalled Over Risk of Entrapment

A risk of entrapment and suffocation results in thousands of Sparrow baby cribs being recalled by Oeuf.

Approximately 14,000 Oeuf Sparrow infant cribs are being recalled due to the potential for the slats and top rails to become detached, putting children at risk…

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Baby Doll Recall

March 28, 2014

Recall Issued for Wal-Mart My Sweet Baby Dolls Due to Risk of Burns, Blisters

Baby dolls sold exclusively at Wal-Mart are being recalled due to a potential burn hazard for children caused by the doll overheating.

recalled baby dollApproximately 174,000…

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Children’s Bed Canopy Recall

March 24, 2014

Strangulation Hazard Leads to Recall of IKEA Children’s Bed Canopies

Millions of children’s bed canopies manufactured by IKEA have been recalled due to a risk of child strangulation injuries or deaths.

defective productA worldwide recall has been issued that affects…

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Baby Stroller Recall

February 3, 2014

225,000 Britax Baby Strollers Recalled Over Amputation Hazard

Consumers using recalled Britax baby strollers may be at risk for serious injuries, including partial fingertip amputation, broken fingers and severe lacerations.

defective baby strollerA baby stroller recall announced by the U.S….

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Baby Sling Settlement

September 16, 2013

$8 Million Settlement Reached in Wrongful Death Suit Over Recalled Baby Sling

Infantino, LLC has agreed to pay $8 million to resolve a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a woman whose son suffocated to death while using the company’s baby sling.

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