Research Links Popular Energy Drinks to Serious Health Risks

Energy Drink Health Risks

Written by Faith Anderson on March 17, 2015
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Research Links Popular Energy Drinks to Serious Health Risks

Popular energy drinks may increase users’ risk of experiencing high blood pressure and potentially life-threatening cardiac events.

As energy drinks like Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster become more and more popular among teens and young adults, a growing number of studies are focusing on the potential health risks associated with the beverages. According to the findings of one new study, energy drinks may dramatically increase a person’s resting blood pressure, especially if they typically drink little or no caffeine each day, which may increase their risk of suffering a severe cardiac event. If you believe you have been adversely affected by side effects of a popular energy drink, like Monster or Red Bull, our consumer advocates at the Consumer Justice Foundation can help put you in touch with a skilled attorney who has experience handling product liability claims.

Increased Blood Pressure from Caffeine

In this latest energy drink study, whose findings were presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 64th Annual Scientific Session on March 14, researchers from the Mayo Clinic gave 25 young adults between the ages of 19 and 40 either one can of a popular energy drink or a placebo drink. They checked the study participants’ heart rate and blood pressure 30 minutes before consuming the beverage and 30 minutes after, and found that those who had the energy drinks experienced an increase in blood pressure, while the control group did not. The researchers also found that the effect was most dramatic in people who typically did not consume much caffeine on a daily basis.

Potential Side Effects of Energy Drinks

Previous research has highlighted the risk of side effects from energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, and in a study published just last year, researchers from France found a connection between energy drinks and serious heart problems, including an increased risk of irregular heartbeats, angina and sudden death. “We know that energy drink consumption is widespread and rising among young people,” wrote the researchers involved in the Mayo Clinic study. “Concerns about the health safety of energy drinks have been raised. We and others have previously shown that energy drinks increase blood pressure.”

An Experienced Product Liability Lawyer Can Help

According to their findings, the blood pressure of healthy young adults who don’t drink caffeine regularly increased by more than double, compared to those who had the placebo drink. Study participants who drank caffeine daily also experienced a rise in blood pressure associated with energy drink consumption, but not one as significant as the first group. The results of this and other studies has researchers concerned that Red Bull and other popular energy drinks may put otherwise healthy teens and young adults at an increased risk of serious cardiac events, like heart attack or irregular heartbeat. If you have experienced a serious cardiac side effect, and you believe an energy drink to be the cause, contact a product liability lawyer today for legal help.

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