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Flood/Hazard Insurance Citibank Class Action Settlement

June 25, 2014


The Citibank Class Action Settlement alleges unlawfully forcing borrows excessive flood insurance for their property and improperly profiting from the force-placement of hazard insurance.

Why is there a lawsuit against Citibank?

This class action lawsuit…

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Defective Tremco Roofing Products

February 2, 2014

If you purchased a defective roofing or sealant product from Tremco, Inc., you may be entitled to financial compensation. Contact an experienced attorney in your area to discuss your legal options.

RPM International Inc. and its subsidiary Tremco are roofing and construction products companies that…

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Tremco Defective Roofing Products

January 10, 2014

Tremco just settled a similar claim with the government for $61 million dollars after an employee came forward alleging that Tremco knew of the defective roofing product.

Tremco defective roofing products alleged in lawsuits. Tremco defective…

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Shun Kaji Chef’s Knives

October 19, 2011

Construction of Shun Kaji Knives

According to Shun Kaji retailers, this particular line of chef’s knives is handcrafted in Japan and constructed with a razor-sharp cutting edge, in a style reminiscent of centuries-old samurai sword-making techniques. The Shun Kaji chef’s knives’ blades are constructed with…

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Home Renovation

March 24, 2011

Example of a Defective Drywall Product

In 2009, a health and safety issue was discovered, involving defective drywall which was manufactured in China and imported to the United States beginning in 2001. After Hurricane Katrina and the housing boom between 2004 and 2006, the desperate need for drywall surpassed the…

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Lead Paint – Stunted Growth

March 1, 2011

Although the use of lead in paint products was banned in 1977, millions of Americans are unknowingly exposed to dangerous levels of lead on a daily basis by living or working in buildings which were constructed before the regulation regarding lead paint was instituted. In fact, according to U.S….

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Lead Paint – Nervous System Injury

March 1, 2011

One of the most common causes of lead poisoning is exposure to toxic lead paint, which can lead to severe damage to the nervous system, and even death. Even though lead has been eliminated from paint products, most Americans still have levels of lead in their blood, and studies…

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