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Low-T Drug Lawsuit

March 16, 2015

AndroGel TRT Lawsuit Filed Over Heart Attack, Stroke and DVT Injuries

Men who use AndroGel and other popular low-T drugs may face an increased risk of potentially life-threatening cardiovascular problems.

A Virginia man has filed a product liability lawsuit against the makers of AndroGel, alleging that Read More> Comments Off on Low-T Drug Lawsuit

New Testosterone Therapy Warnings

March 5, 2015

FDA Adds New Heart Attack, Stroke Warnings to Testosterone Drugs

New FDA warnings must be added to the labels of low-T drugs that include the risk of side effects like heart attack, stroke and sudden death.

Federal drug regulators are requiring stronger warnings regarding the potential risk of side effects like…

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Testosterone Therapy Claims

February 27, 2015

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Lawsuits Exceed 1,100 in Federal MDL

Victims of heart attack, stroke and other injuries from low-T drugs may be entitled to financial compensation for their losses.

Amid growing concerns about the potential side effects of testosterone drugs like AndroGel, approximately 1,100 lawsuits have already been filed against the…

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TRT Heart Risks

January 16, 2015

First-Time Users of Testosterone Drugs May Face Increased Risk of Heart Attack

Men who use low-T drugs for the first time have a 41% higher chance of suffering a heart attack, compared to men who don’t use the drugs.

A new study published this week in the medical journal Pharmacotherapy suggests…

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Risks of Topical Testosterone Creams

January 7, 2015

New Report Highlights Risks of Secondary Exposure to Testosterone Gels

Spouses or sexual partners exposed to topical testosterone gels or creams during intercourse could be at risk for side effects from the low-T treatment.

As concerns continue to mount about the potential Read More> Comments Off on Risks of Topical Testosterone Creams

Prostate Cancer Linked to Testosterone Therapy

November 18, 2014

Side Effects of AndroGel May Increase Prostate Risks in Older Men

Not only do men using AndroGel have a higher risk of suffering cardiovascular problems, but they may also face a greater risk of prostate cancer.

According to the findings of a new study, side effects of the testosterone product AndroGel…

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