Shun Kaji Chef's Knives Chipping May Lead to Lawsuits

Shun Kaji Chef's Knives

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Construction of Shun Kaji Knives

According to Shun Kaji retailers, this particular line of chef’s knives is handcrafted in Japan and constructed with a razor-sharp cutting edge, in a style reminiscent of centuries-old samurai sword-making techniques. The Shun Kaji chef’s knives’ blades are constructed with a core of SG-2 powdered steel, clad in a damascus lawyer of forged nickel and stainless steel. The Shun Kaji brand of knife is touted as lacking imperfections or weak points, allowing the knives to remain hard enough to slice, dice and chop, but flexible enough to hold a razor-sharp edge without chipping.

Potentially Faulty Shun Kaji Chef’s Knives – Chipping

Despite the immense popularity and exorbitant price of the Shun Kaji chef’s knives, consumers have found that these seemingly sturdy knives are actually rather prone to chipping. Even for consumers who have used the knives in the proper manner, for chopping vegetables or slicing boneless meat or fish on a cutting board, the Kaji line of Shun knives have shown imperfections beyond normal wear and tear. During normal, everyday use, consumers have reported defects in their knives, ranging from small striations in the steel to relatively large chunks of the knives’ sharp edges breaking off between the tip and heel. Besides the aggravation of finding their very expensive knives to be potentially faulty, consumers have voiced concerns about the safety of the Shun Kaji knives, speculating about whether or not the chipped pieces of knife could actually end up in their family’s dinner.

Possible Legal Action for Shun Kaji Knives

The possible risks posed by the potentially defective Shun Kaji chef’s knives are under investigation by defective product attorneys across the country. If you own Shun Kaji chef’s knives and have experienced the knives’ tendency to chip, contact a defective product attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your defective purchase and for any injuries potentially caused by the chipped pieces of steel. Product manufacturing companies are expected to produce safe and effective products for consumer use, and should be held liable for any defects or injuries associated with their products. With the help of a defective product attorney, Shun Kaji knife users can protect their rights and collect reimbursement for their very expensive chef’s knives that are prone to chipping, despite Shun’s claim that the knives are constructed using centuries-old samurai sword-like techniques.

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