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Truck accidents occur with alarming regularity, resulting in the injury or death of thousands of people each year. In fact, statistics show that large trucks like semi-trucks, tractor trailers and 18-wheelers account for approximately 5,000 fatalities and another 130,000 serious injuries annually. Due to the sheer size of most of these trucks, the injuries sustained by a victim of a trucking accident are typically catastrophic. Unfortunately, many truck accidents are the result of simple driver negligence: talking on the phone while driving, driving irresponsibly, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Victims of truck accidents often find themselves seriously injured, unable to return to work, and without the support of their regular income. On top of this, serious injuries typically require extensive treatment, overloading the victim with costly medical bills. In the case of a fatal truck accident, the family of a truck accident victim may face overwhelming funeral costs and loss of income, as well as the burden of any other expenses related to the victim’s care. With a denied claim or unfair settlement from the insurance company, a victim’s best option is to seek legal advice to ensure just reimbursement for his physical and emotional injuries.

Truck Accident Damages and Expenses

Some of the most severe injuries sustained by a victim of a truck accident include head, back and neck injuries, concussion, broken bones and whiplash. While broken bones can be extremely painful, often, head, back and neck injuries pose the most danger to a victim as they may not be noticeable until days or even weeks after the truck accident. At this point, irreparable damage may have already occurred. Truck accident victims who deny medical attention immediately following an accident may be at risk for a severe injury of this kind and not even know it. These injuries in particular can cause extreme pain and suffering if not treated, leading to more severe complications in the future. Unfortunately, some people may not recognize their injuries until some time has passed after the trucking accident, which can make it difficult for truck accident lawyers to establish a connection between the injury and the truck accident. Head, back and neck injuries, broken bones, whiplash and concussions can leave a victim temporarily or permanently disabled, unable to get out of bed or walk up the stairs, never mind return to work.

Victims who are unable to return to work leave themselves and their families emotionally and financially compromised. Loss of income can be overwhelming enough, but victims of serious injuries from truck accidents will also find themselves burdened by costly medical bills and a number of other expenses involved in their recovery. Most people believe that the next logical step to take after receiving medical attention is to contact their insurance company in order to file a claim. They assume the sole function of an insurance claims adjuster is to establish fault and to justly protect them against any expenses incurred by a truck accident caused by another driver. Unfortunately, more and more people find their claims rejected by their insurance company, which has either denied the claim completely or offered a settlement far below what they are entitled to. The deceptive practices employed by insurance companies are far too common, taking advantage of innocent victims every day.

Insurance Coverage and Denied Truck Accident Claims

If you are involved in a truck accident, you should consider how a trucking accident lawsuit can help you receive reimbursement for your injuries. Despite what your insurance company may say, if you are not at fault in the truck accident, you are not responsible for the medical bills and other expenses you will incur in caring for your injuries. In order to protect yourself and your family against further emotional and financial injury, one of the first steps you should take following a trucking accident is to consult an truck accident lawyer for help in filing a lawsuit. During that time, you should collect any medical or insurance documents you believe may pertain to your case so that your truck accident attorney can take these into consideration when developing your lawsuit.

Truck Accident Legal Help

As a truck accident victim, you should be given the chance to recover from your injuries, rather than devoting time to developing your case. Your truck accident lawyer will have the necessary knowledge and tools to present your case to the court in a positive manner. For example, truck accident attorneys are aware of the numerous trucking laws which may come into play in your case, and can also hire an expert to reconstruct the truck accident in order to establish fault. Victims have rights which are too often ignored; your attorney will fight for your rights against the challenges you will face as a truck accident victim. Personal injury litigation can be complicated, but truck accident attorneys are very well qualified in the practices of a court of law and will carefully guide you through the process towards a successful verdict.

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