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If you have suffered a serious injury due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and medical bills. Too often, consumers fall ill or are injured because of the negligence of another person or party and never pursue the reimbursement they are owed, which can mean the difference between receiving quality medical care, and struggling both physically and financially for the rest of their lives. Here at the Consumer Justice Foundation, we know how intimidating it can be to stand up to the big guy, and we have developed an online resource to guide victims of negligence through the sometimes difficult process of securing experienced legal representation and protecting their legal rights. For those who have fallen victim to the deceptive practices of big businesses, insurance companies or drug firms, the Consumer Justice Foundation provides valuable information for everyday people regarding the importance of hiring an experienced personal injury attorney and seeking critical financial compensation for their injuries and medical expenses.

Hiring an Attorney for Victims of Negligence

One of the most important steps to take if you have suffered an injury or illness because of another person’s negligence is to hire an experienced attorney to represent your case. Whether you think you need legal representation or not, enlisting the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer can significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome. For example, many people believe that, should they be involved in a car accident, the associated expenses and medical bills would be covered by their insurance or the negligent party’s insurance. Keep in mind though, that insurance companies ultimately train their adjusters to save the company money, which sometimes means denying personal injury claims, offering an amount far below what the victim is entitled to, or simply dragging the claim out over a long period of time in hopes that the victim will simply give up. This deceptive practice means some victims of negligence are left injured or ill, unable to work, and without the means to pay their medical bills. With the expertise of a personal injury attorney on your side however, you can pursue the financial compensation you deserve and ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout the process.


Accidents like motor vehicle, aviation, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, truck, and slip and fall accidents, as well as other types of personal injury accidents can result in serious and long-lasting injuries and even death for victims. Unfortunately, one of the main causes of these types of accidents is negligence, or the careless behavior of another person or party. Many motor vehicle accidents, for example, occur because a driver is operating a motor vehicle in a negligent manner – driving recklessly, failing to acknowledge traffic signals or signs, or driving distracted – resulting in the injury or death of another driver, passenger or pedestrian.



Accident Injuries

Accident injuries caused by negligence occur when a person’s failure to exercise reasonable care results in damages, usually in the form of physical injury to another person or another person’s property. Some of the most serious accident injuries include back and neck injuries, spinal cord injury, head injury, burns, traumatic brain injury, and whiplash. In addition to physical harm, accident injuries often result in costly medical bills and other financial hardships, including loss of income if the injured victim is unable to return to work temporarily or permanently because of the injury. Other accident injuries may result in the victim’s death, in which case a wrongful death claim may be in order.

Dangerous Drugs

Consumers expect their medications to effectively treat their medical conditions without putting them at risk of unnecessary harm. Unfortunately, because of the wide variety of pharmaceutical drugs on the market today, there is an equally large variety of possible side effects consumers may expose themselves to by taking prescription and over-the-counter medications. Even Tylenol, which has been a trusted pain reliever for nearly sixty years, may put adults and children at risk of life-threatening liver failure with normal use. Other medications, namely anticonvulsants and antidepressants, have been found to cause serious birth defects in babies exposed to the drugs during pregnancy. Armed with up-to-date information about possible drug side effects, consumers can at least make educated decisions about which drugs are safe for them to take and which aren’t. Regrettably, some pharmaceutical companies intentionally conceal the more serious side effects of their drugs in an attempt to boost sales and avoid negative consequences, thereby robbing consumers of their right to accurate drug information.



Drug Side Effects

Just like accident injuries, the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs often result in significant physical, financial and emotional burdens for victims and their families. Some side effects, including liver failure, heart attack, stroke and Stevens-Johnson syndrome, can be fatal, robbing families of their loved one and sometimes cutting off a vital source of income for the victim’s spouse and children as well. For those drug side effects that don’t result in death, the associated complications are often enough to affect the rest of the victim’s life, sometimes requiring long-term medical care and making securing gainful employment impossible.


Potentially dangerous medical devices like defective hip implants, transvaginal mesh and denture creams have been in the news quite a bit recently, as these products have posed serious and even life-threatening problems for unassuming patients who used the products. Defective hip implants in particular have plagued patients who received the implants under the impression that the devices would improve their mobility and ease their pain, as the associated complications like fracture, loosening and dislocation have caused serious pain and the need for revision surgeries. Other defective products like faulty auto parts expose consumers to significant injury and death just by using the very safety devices that are meant to keep them from harm.

Defective Products

Many people think exclusively of long-term issues like asbestos and lead paint when they hear about defective products and the associated injuries and illnesses. While lead paint and asbestos continue to be a serious public health issue, defective products can come in all shapes and forms, including household products, automobile parts, medical devices and even children’s products. Significant attention has been paid, for example, to defective drop-side cribs, strollers, and video baby monitors in recent years, as these dangerous products have the potential to cause the death of babies and small children by strangulation, entrapment or suffocation.



Defective Product Injuries

Some defective products like dangerous children’s products and faulty automobile safety devices pose an immediate threat to the safety of consumers, possibly resulting in injuries like amputation, broken bones, lacerations or death. Other defective products like asbestos, lead paint, denture creams and transvaginal mesh may not cause immediately recognizable harm, but may instead put consumers at risk of suffering from long-term injuries or chronic illnesses, and possibly even death. While some defective products have already been recalled because of widespread consumer injury or illness, some dangerous medical devices, children’s products and other defective products remain on the market for consumer use. Unfortunately, it’s often not until a product causes significant harm or results in the death of numerous consumers that regulators even consider removing it from the market.

Occupational Disease

Regardless of the nature of an employee’s occupation, he or she should feel confident that while at work, he or she is safe from harm. Unfortunately, some workplaces present a serious threat to workers, exposing them to debilitating occupational diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome and mesothelioma. Both of these conditions can result in long-term complications for affected workers, possibly preventing them from ever returning to work or living a pain-free life. Some employees who suffer an injury or develop an illness at work may be entitled to life-saving benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Unfortunately, many injured or ill employees are denied benefits, left to deal with their injuries or illness, medical bills and crippling loss of income on their own.

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