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Accidents, Wrecks and Insurance Claims

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If you’ve been in a wreck or any type of accident, we can help you know your rights and connect you with a lawyer that will fight for your rights.

Millions of people are injured and thousands are killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year. Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, whether minor or severe, can cause serious injury and even death of innocent victims. These injuries will require medical attention, which may include multiple surgical procedures and sometimes long-term medical care. One of the first steps most people take following an accident is to contact their insurance company in order to file an accident claim. accident-injury-275Many people, especially victims with severe injuries, depend upon that insurance claim in order to receive compensation for their injuries, as well as reimbursement for emotional pain and any loss of income they may have incurred. Unfortunately, many victims of motor vehicle injuries face unforeseen difficulties when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance claims adjusters are often trained to pay out the lowest amount in damages as possible, if at all. This often means that a victim’s claim is rejected or the victim is offered a settlement well below what he is entitled to. This is a common, if deceptive, practice that many accident victims are unaware of.


It is imperative to seek medical attention following an accident. Injuries sustained during motor vehicle accidents, even at speeds as low as five miles per hour, can cause major issues for a victim, now and in the future. While some of these injuries, like lacerations and facial injuries, may be easily recognizable and therefore treated immediately, other injuries like concussion, whiplash and head, neck and back injuries may be overlooked at first glance. Unfortunately, these are the injuries that are most likely to cause severe complications for a victim. Without the proper medical care, serious injuries can develop into life-altering conditions, affecting a victim’s ability to live a healthy life. Victims of severe accidents may be unable to return to work, participate in everyday activities, or even walk without unbearable pain.

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