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GranuFlo and Hemodialysis Cardiac Arrest Side Effects

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GranuFlo and Possible Heart Side Effects

In medicine, hemodialysis is a process used to remove waste products from a patient’s blood when the kidneys aren’t functioning properly due to renal failure. During dialysis, bicarbonates are administered to neutralize the acid build-up that occurs in the blood, and GranuFlo has been promoted by FMC as a medication that allows for greater conversion of bicarbonates. Unfortunately, recent information has suggested that GranuFlo use may lead to an elevated bicarbonate level, which may cause hemodialysis metabolic alkalosis, a major risk factor for hemodialysis cardiac arrest, heart attack and other heart-related side effects.

Hemodialysis Cardiac Arrest Symptoms

Hemodialysis cardiac arrest describes a cardiac arrest event in hemodialysis patients receiving treatment for kidney failure. In short, cardiac arrest is a condition that occurs when the heart’s electrical system malfunctions, resulting in symptoms like a sudden loss of responsiveness and the absence normal breathing. In cardiac arrest, there is an abrupt loss of heart function that can have deadly consequences if not diagnosed and treated immediately.

Hemodialysis Cardiac Arrest Treatment

Cardiac arrest is reversible in some patients if the condition is treated within a few minutes. According to the American Heart Association, the “chain of survival” necessary to rescue those experiencing cardiac arrest includes the following:

  • Early recognition of the emergency and activation of emergency medical services (EMS)
  • Early defibrillation when necessary
  • Early bystander CPR
  • Early advanced life support followed by medical care delivered by healthcare providers

GranuFlo Attorneys for Hemodialysis Cardiac Arrest Side Effects

According to research, cardiac arrest is a relatively infrequent but devastating complication of hemodialysis, and the survival rate following a sudden cardiac arrest is poor regardless of whether the event takes place in or out of a dialysis clinic. If you or a loved one has suffered from hemodialysis cardiac arrest and you believe the kidney failure drug GranuFlo to be the cause, contact a skilled GranuFlo attorney to discuss your legal options. Cardiac arrest is a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment, and the medical care necessary to manage the condition and resulting complications can be costly. With the help of a knowledgeable GranuFlo lawyer on your side, you can pursue the financial compensation you deserve for the injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering you or your loved one has incurred.

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