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Autism Awareness Day

Written by Faith Anderson on April 2, 2012
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According to the Secretary-General, there needs to be a greater political commitment and investments in education, social and labor sectors to address the “unique needs of people with autism and cultivate their talents.” Ki-moon called on the international community to cooperate and share its good practices to more adequately train care providers, promote more research and help support the autism community. He also said the U.N. recognizes Autism Awareness Day to “spur such action and draw attention to the unacceptable discrimination, abuse and isolation experienced by people with autism and their loved ones.”

A recent survey conducted in the U.S. found that 63% of parents responded that their child with an autism spectrum disorder had been bullied. Children with Asperger’s syndrome were bullied most among survey participants. A recent CDC report concluded that approximately one in 88 children has autism, a 23% increase since the last report in 2009, and a 78% increase since the CDC’s first report in 2007. “Let us all continue to join hands to enable people with autism and other neurological differences to realize their potential and enjoy the opportunities and well-being that are their birthright,” said the Secretary-General.

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