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Axe Allergy Risks

Written by Faith Anderson on March 21, 2013
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Common Symptoms of Allergic Reactions

In Brandon Silk’s latest Axe allergy incident, a nurse reportedly had to use an EpiPen on the teen before he was transported to the hospital for treatment. The 15-year-old has apparently been treated since 2011 for this severe allergy, and is currently taking several kinds of steroids to reduce his risk of risk of suffering allergic reactions. Allergies to fragrances can cause minor symptoms like headaches, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose, or more severe reactions like dizziness, inability to concentrate, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and skin reactions like hives, rashes and itching. For now, the freshman is being taught at home to reduce his exposure to Axe Body Spray.

School Asks Students to Stop Using Axe

Following the teen’s most recent allergic reaction, Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania issued the following statement on its website: “The purpose of this posting is to make all parents, staff and students aware of a medical issue involving a Freedom High School student having an extreme allergy to Axe Body Spray. This allergy is potentially life threatening for this student. My request to all Freedom family members is that we take into consideration this student’s allergy to Axe Body Spray and refrain from using it as your cologne or fragrance of choice while attending Freedom High School.”

Consult a Qualified Attorney for Legal Help

Unilever, the maker of Axe Body Spray, says it is looking into the report of Brandon Silk’s allergic reaction. The company indicated in a statement that the safety and well-being of Axe users “is always our first priority.” According to the firm, consumers with concerns should call the toll-free number on the back of the Axe package. For those consumers who have suffered severe allergic reactions to Axe Body Spray or another potentially dangerous consumer product, our consumer advocates can put you in touch with a qualified lawyer in your area. You may be entitled to reimbursement for your injuries and medical expenses, which you can pursue by filing a product liability claim against the manufacturing company responsible for making the product.

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