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Da Vinci Surgery Problems

Written by Faith Anderson on January 31, 2013
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Da Vinci Problems May Lead to Litigation

Citron Research’s report suggests that the problems reported in association with the robotic surgical system are likely “just the tip of the iceberg,” predicting that increased awareness of potential complications will lead to an increasing number of product liability lawsuits filed against the maker of the da Vinci Surgical System. The da Vinci system is a complex, remote-controlled robot that has been increasingly used in recent years for a number of surgical procedures, in order to provide a less invasive surgery and reduce overall recovery time. The robot is controlled by a surgeon observing a virtual reality representation of the patient’s internal organs and manipulating the robot with hand and foot controls.

Potential Side Effects of da Vinci Robotic Surgery

According to the recent report, there have been a high rate of injuries and deaths associated with the da Vinci robot, many of which have followed what are typically considered routine procedures. Among the reports are 89 cases in which a patient died while undergoing da Vinci robotic surgery. “Some of these deaths are clearly incidental, while others are extremely troubling with regard to injuries apparently caused during surgery,” the report states. “The point is that very serious, and sometimes lethal outcomes are the result, patients lives hang in the balance, and are exposed to these risks in what are very often the most routine types of surgeries being performed.” In one case, a patient’s death following a da Vinci hysterectomy was attributed to aterial damage caused by a burn that the report says could only have been caused by the da Vinci system.

An Experienced Attorney Can Help You File a Claim

In light of the risks associated with da Vinci robotic surgery, a growing number of product liability lawsuits are being filed against Intuitive Surgical on behalf of patients who have suffered injuries following surgeries in which the robot was used. According to allegations raised in the lawsuits, Intuitive Surgical sold the surgery system without ensuring proper training and instructions for surgeons, and without providing sufficient warnings for patients concerning the risk of da Vinci side effects. If you have experienced an adverse medical outcome that you believe to be related to a medical device like the da Vinci surgical robot, contact a reputable lawyer in your area to discuss your legal options. You may have grounds to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturing company, in order to pursue financial compensation for your injuries and medical expenses.

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