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Freezer Pack Recall

Written by Faith Anderson on June 14, 2012
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Side Effects of Recalled Gel Freezer Packs

According to the CPSC, the freezer packs, which were manufactured in China and imported by California Innovations, Inc., have the potential to leak gel if they become damaged. The gel contained within the freezer packs contains diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol, which could cause illness if ingested in large amounts. When ethylene glycol metabolizes, side effects experienced by the affected individual may include an altered mental status and highly toxic blood levels resulting in acidemia and hyperventilation.

Products Affected by Freezer Pack Recall

Although there have been no new reports of incidents or illnesses, the previous gel pack recall was issued after the importer received at least two reports of dogs chewing on the packs and ingesting the gel inside. One of the dogs died after being exposed to the toxic gel, and the other recovered after receiving treatment. The recalled products include ice/hot packs marketed under the Cryofreeze and Arctic Zone labels and distributed between July 2007 and December 2008, including:

  • Cryofreeze ice/hot packs in small and large – both have opaque blue wrappers with the words “Cryofreeze,” “Ice Pack/Hot Pack,” “Non-toxic,” and “Reusable” printed on the front
  • Cryofreeze Transparent Cell ice/hot packs in three different styles – each has a transparent wrapper with the words “Cryofreeze,” “Ice Pack/Hot Pack,” “Non-toxic,” and “Reusable” printed on the front
  • Arctic Zone ice pack – has an opaque blue wrapper with the Arctic Zone logo and a picture of an iceberg on the front, along with the words, “ICE,” “Personal Ice Pack,” and “Non-Toxic Leak Proof Gel”

Defective Product Attorneys for Recalled Freezer Packs

The CPSC recommends that consumers with these recalled freezer gel packs immediately stop using them and contact their local waste disposal authority for instructions on how to properly dispose of them. California Innovations is offering $6 refunds for each large Cryofreeze gel pack and a $5 refund for each of the other recalled packs. If you have been injured or become ill because of the recalled gel packs, contact a defective product attorney immediately to explore your compensation options.

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