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IUD Birth Control Side Effects

Written by Faith Anderson on November 8, 2012
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Safety of IUD Devices Questioned

Although some studies have indicated that IUDs are safe for use among all women, many medical professionals remain hesitant to recommend the devices to patients, according to a report presented last week at the American Public Health Associated meeting in San Francisco. Some doctors who took part in the survey expressed serious concerns about the safety of IUD birth control devices, particularly among women who had just given birth or had an abortion. Other research has suggested that there isn’t any one group of women more at risk of uterus perforation side effects from IUDs than any other group.

Potential Mirena IUD Complications

One of the most commonly used IUD birth control devices is Mirena, a product of Bayer Healthcare that is implanted in the uterus for up to five years. Placement of the device is designed to prevent pregnancy by keeping the sperm from the egg, and the IUD also releases a progestin called levonorgestrel, designed to keep a woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs for fertilization. Unfortunately, while IUDs like Mirena are supposed to be easily removable and are promoted as a means for women to avoid worrying about daily birth control pills, the safety claims associated with the devices may not be accurate.

A Qualified Product Liability Attorney Can Help

A growing number of women in the United States are pursuing Mirena claims against Bayer Healthcare because of painful or debilitating complications associated with the IUD perforating the uterus, migrating to other parts of the body, or causing other adverse reactions. In light of mounting Mirena birth control litigation, Bayer requested in August that all cases filed in New Jersey state courts be consolidated into an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, for pretrial proceedings. While there were only 16 Mirena lawsuits filed at the time, Bayer acknowledged that it expected many more women to bring complaints against the pharmaceutical company for its IUD device. If you have experienced a major complication associated with an IUD birth control device, contact a knowledgeable product liability attorney today for legal help.

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