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Tremco Defective Roofing Products

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Tremco just settled a similar claim with the government for $61 million dollars after an employee came forward alleging that Tremco knew of the defective roofing product.


Tremco defective roofing products alleged in lawsuits.

Tremco defective roofing products alleged in lawsuits.

Why is there a lawsuit against Tremco?

The specific reason class action lawyers are investigating a lawsuit against Tremco is because of a recent settlement with the U.S. Government for nearly $61 million dollars. The lawsuit against the company alleged that Tremco knew that their products were defective yet they still sold them to Government contracts. This lawsuit was back up by a former employee of Tremco turned whistle blower.

Attorneys filing lawsuits on behalf of consumers believe that if Tremco knowingly sold defective products to the government, it is highly likely that they knowingly sold defective products to commercial contractors and homeowners. Here are the aspects of the lawsuit that plaintiff attorneys are alleging;

  1. The fact that Burmastic roofing systems had a high tendency to fail. This system is installed over insulation board and all indications point that Tremco knew of the failing Burmastic roofing since mid-2005.
  2. Tremco continued selling their roofing products to the government despite the fact that they were aware of these potential defects since mid-2005
  3. The company knew that their cold roofs were potentially defective, especially once they were exposed to the brutal winter weather and thawing cycles. The following products were listed as defective Tremco products – modified supreme composite ply, supreme composite ply, modified premium composite ply, premium composite ply and composite ply.

If you or a family member has had to deal with this Tremco defective product, you may be entitled to financial compensation. We recommend filling out this contact form so that you can speak to an attorney for FREE and learn if you qualify to become a class member.


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