Tylenol Liver Damage Can Affect Anyone, FDA Warns

Tylenol Liver Damage

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Tylenol Liver Damage Can Affect Anyone, FDA Warns

The FDA is warning consumers that there is no way to tell who will suffer liver damage or liver failure from the popular pain reliever, Tylenol.

Federal drug regulators are warning all consumers and medical professionals about the risk of drug-related liver damage, indicating that there is no way to tell who might suffer liver failure from Tylenol and other acetaminophen-containing medications. In a warning issued on May 28, the FDA outlines the risk of liver damage associated with certain over-the-counter and prescription drugs, focusing primarily on acetaminophen – the active ingredient in Tylenol. If you believe you have been harmed by side effects of Tylenol, our consumer advocates at the Consumer Justice Foundation can help. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers harmed by potentially dangerous medications, and can put you in touch with a reputable attorney who has extensive experience handling Tylenol liver damage cases.

Tylenol Liver Failure Side Effects

According to the FDA, there is no fail-safe method of determining who may experience liver damage from a Tylenol overdose. “Acetaminophen when used as labeled is generally considered to be safe,” said Dr. Mark Avigan, an FDA medical reviewer. “But overdoses of acetaminophen are the most common cause of drug-related liver injury, whether these occur accidentally or otherwise. With acetaminophen overdoses, some people get a more severe reaction than others.” Since Tylenol first became available in the 1950s, it has become one of the most trusted and widely used medications in the United States, used by millions of Americans as a pain reliever and fever reducer. However, the FDA warns that acetaminophen may be responsible for more than 50,000 emergency room visits every year, including 25,000 hospitalizations and over 450 deaths.

Risk of Acetaminophen Overdose

In recent years, the FDA has made efforts to increase public awareness about the risk of Tylenol liver injury, and to curb the rate of liver failure cases linked to the popular pain reliever, which is also found in many prescription painkillers and over-the-counter cold medications. Unfortunately, acetaminophen overdoses often occur when consumers unknowingly take multiple acetaminophen-based medications to treat a cold or other illness, or take more than the daily recommended dose of a powerful drug like Tylenol. The first acetaminophen liver damage warning of the year was issued by the FDA on January 14, and advised doctors and pharmacists to discontinue prescribing and dispensing combination acetaminophen painkillers to patients. On April 28, the agency issued a reminder for medical professionals, and asked pharmacists to remove high-dose acetaminophen products from their inventories.

Consult a Reputable Tylenol Attorney Today

Johnson & Johnson currently faces a growing number of Tylenol lawsuits filed in state and federal courts throughout the United States, on behalf of Tylenol users who have suffered serious liver damage, liver failure or death. The Tylenol complaints all involve similar allegations that Johnson & Johnson worked to build the impression that Tylenol is safe by concealing information for decades about the potential health risks associated with acetaminophen. If you used the popular pain reliever Tylenol, and you have since experienced liver damage or liver failure requiring a transplant for survival, contact an experienced Tylenol lawyer today for legal help. You may have grounds to file a Tylenol liver injury lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, in order to pursue financial compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” ]Source: http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm398855.htm[/box]

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