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Occupational Disease and Workplace Injuries

Despite the assumption most employees have that their workplace is a safe environment, some employees may be putting themselves at risk simply by going to work every day. There are a variety of adverse conditions that an employee can develop from exposure to dangerous factors present in the workplace, the most severe being any number of occupational diseases. An employee who experiences a serious illness or disease as a result of attending work every day may expect their condition to be covered by their employer’s insurance company. Typically, workers’ compensation laws will provide coverage for a worker who has suffered from a disease or illness as a result of work or occupational activity. However, if the employer is able to prove that the illness originated somewhere else besides the workplace, the employee may receive no compensation at all. Too often, ill or injured employees who present claims to insurance companies are denied or are offered a settlement far below what they are entitled to. The only way to fight a rejected insurance claim is to hire an experienced occupational disease attorney to present your case.

Lawsuits for Occupational Disease Victims

Occupational diseases can have life-altering consequences for an affected person. Unfortunately, employees affected by any number of occupational diseases may look to an insurance claim for help, only to be unfairly rejected. If you have been the victim of an occupational disease which has resulted in major illness or disability, you should consider how an occupational disease lawsuit can help you. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and an experienced occupational disease attorney can review your case and develop your lawsuit with that goal in mind. Victims of occupational diseases do not deserve to face rejection from an insurance company on top of injury; they should contact a knowledgeable occupational disease lawyer for an expert’s guidance in representing their case.

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